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Custom Bikini Pricing

Kickin Basics

Custom Bikinis start at $250 and include:

- Classic Triangle, Tall Cup, Rounded Triangle,  and Formed Cup Top.

- Moderate, Modified, and Pro Bikini Scrunch Bottoms.

- Your choice of ss29 Single Row or ss18 Single Row Connectors at the neck in Crystal and Silver.

- Your choice of a ss29 Single Row or 3-row Center Connector in Crystal and Silver.

- Side S-Closure at the Neck and Back Strap.

- Includes all in house fabrics.

- Consult, First Fitting at 6-8 weeks out (video fitting with a sizing kit), Final Fitting at 2-3 weeks out, and 12 months of adjustments


The Sparkle! - Crystals

Density of stone work-

+ 1" - 115$

+ 1/2"-  225$

+ 1/4" - 350$

+ 1/8" - 500$

+ Fully Covered - 800$

Custom Designs will be quoted at the time of the consult

* We examples of these in the studio


Kickin it up a Notch! - Connectors

- We can special order Fancy connectors. These can be used as neck, hip, center, and even backstraps. They can range from 5$ to 100$ per connector.


Special Order fabrics

If you did not fall in love with something in stock, there are tons of fabrics swatches that can be ordered. They can range from $15 to $35 *This is only available for suits NOT needed in less than 12 weeks


Ready to order you suit?

 - Request a consult



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