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Custom Posing Suit Pricing

For Figure, Women's Physique, and Women's Bodybuilding

Kickin Basics 

Custom Posing Suits Start at $325 and includes:

  • Design Consult 

  • First Fitting at 6-8 weeks out (video fitting with a sizing kit)

  • 12 months of adjustments.

  • Your perfect suit cut.

    • Tops - Classic Triangle, Paula Rounded Triangle, and Camala Rounded Triangle. 

    • Bottoms - Full Coverage, Moderate, Pro, or Camala Pro V-cut Figure Bottom.

  • Your choice of a standard Connector at the neck in Crystal and Silver.

    • ss29 Single Row

    • ss18 Single Row

  • Your choice of a Center Connector in Crystal and Silver.

    • ss29 Single Row

    • ss18 3-row

  • Down Straps in matching fabric with loops to attach to hooks on Bottoms

  • Includes all in-house fabrics


The Sparkle - Crystals

- Pricing on stone design is variable and driven by the complexity of design, size of stones, quantity of stones, and size of the suit.  We can adjust the stone design to fit into your overall suit budget. 

- View Suit Elements


Kickin It up a Notch - Connectors

- Special order fancy connectors are available at a price of $5-$100 each.  These can be used as a neck, hip, center, and even down straps. Some fancy connectors used at the hip require an extra charge for non-standard suit bottom.


Special Order fabrics

If you did not fall in love with something in stock there are tons of fabric swatches that can be ordered. They can range from 15 to 35$ *This is only available for suits NOT needed in less than 12 weeks

- View In-House Fabrics


Ready to order your suit?

 - Request a Consult



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