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Custom Suit Process


Step 1:   Submit a Custom Suit Request - 12-16+ weeks before your target show date 
Getting the suit of your dreams starts with submitting a Custom Suit Request form.   That request provides us with your contact information, the date of your upcoming show, and information about what type of suit you desire.

Step 2:  Design Consultation with one of our Designers
Once you have submitted your request, the next step is a design consultation.  If you are in the greater Phoenix area, we can schedule an in-person consult; if you are outside the Phoenix area, the consult will take place over the phone.  We will contact you within 48-72 hours of submitting your custom suit request.


The design consultation will include a detailed discussion of your dream suit and your budget.  We will discuss your goals and competition plans, explore different suit cuts, fabric colors, stone colors & patterns, price ranges for different options, and how you want to shine on stage.

Step 3:  Idea Board Reviewed & Approved
The next step after the design consult is the creation and review of an idea board.  The idea board will include a sketch of your finished suit; and define the fabric, the connectors, the stone design, stone color(s), and the overall look of your custom suit.  During the idea board review, you will approve all elements of your suit design and we will make any adjustments to deliver the suit of your dreams within your chosen budget.


Step 4:  Quote Delivered & Approved, Down Payment Made
After we have reviewed the idea board, we will prepare a quote and send to you for approval. At the time of the quote approval, we will set the first fitting date and ship date of the finished suit.  Upon approval of quote, you will be required to make a deposit equal to 50% of the quote (payment plans may differ).

Step 5:  First Fitting via Video - 6-8 weeks out
At 6-8 weeks before your show date, we will complete the first fitting. Ahead of the fitting appointment, we will prompt you for your latest measurements and then send you a sizing kit with instructions. In our fitting session, we will use the sizing kit to determine which suit cuts are best for your body. If you are outside the Phoenix area this fitting will be conducted via a video session; but if you are in the greater Phoenix area, this can be completed in person.

After the first fitting session, you will return the sizing kit; and then work will begin on your custom suit.

Step 6:  Final Fitting - 2-3 weeks out
Approximately 3 weeks before your show date, we will request updated measurements so we can make any needed adjustments to your suit.  After the adjustments are made using your updated measurements, we will request payment for the remaining 50% of the quote and ship your suit to you!

Step 7:  Suit Received

Once you receive the suit, you will take pictures of yourself in the suit, email them to us; and if any final adjustments are needed for fit, you will promptly return the suit to us so we can adjust and return the suit to you before your show. 


As your suit moves through this entire design and construction cycle, we will provide you with updates on progress.  You will always know the status of your suit, whether it is still under construction in our design studio, is in transit to you, or about to be on your doorstep!


Step 8:  Shine on stage!!!!



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