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Our Philosophy...

We believe in providing the highest quality posing suit with a perfect fit for your body. Every suit is made to the balance and proportions of YOUR body.

Kat Carstensen of Kickin Crystal Designs



I started my love of sparkly and stretchy things back when I was about six. I wanted to make clothes for our cat but my mom told me I was not quite old enough to play with great grandma's 1905 Singer sewing machine.  So I crafted my designs the old school way using scrap spandex, needle, and thread. You should have seen that first creation!  It was a holy mess!
 From the first day I can remember until the age of 17 I was a gymnast and loved every minute of it. During my youth, I also was an occasional ballroom dance onlooker when my mom opted to drag me along to West Coast Swing dances instead of getting a sitter.  At the age of 18, I attended a swing convention as a dancer and found that the earlier years of watching dancing had allowed me to learn by osmosis. I had organically learned to West Coast. Since then, I have won a National Championship, and I have traveled around Canada and the US teaching and performing West Coast Swing professionally.

 Some years ago, I met Marty Wright and the world of Competitive Bodybuilding. At my maiden competition, I took first in my class in Figure; to say the least, I was hooked. Ever since I have loved helping anyone who has wanted to get into this wonderful sport of BodyBuilding.

 Gymnastics, dancing, bodybuilding --- all of my favorite sports require stretchy and sparkly outfits!



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