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1. All suits are made on a Design and Fitting Schedule. We have limited spots for deliveries on any given week during a competition year.

2. Bikini, Men’s Bodybuilding, and Women’s Prejudging Bodybuilding, suits typically take 5 weeks during the off season; and 8+ weeks during peak competition season.

3. Figure, Physique, Fitness, and Women’s Finals Bodybuilding, suits typically take 8 weeks during off season and 12+weeks during peak season.


Internet Orders

1. Once the order form a has been received, you will be contacted to confirm the details of your design and set up your deposit payment.

2. Fabric Swatches will be mailed and an Idea Board will be created.

3. At 8 to 6 weeks out from your show, sizers/templet suits will be sent for your online video fitting. Sizers can only be sent after the Deposit is received in Full

4. At 3 to 2 weeks out from your show, you will receive your completed suit.



1. A 50% deposit is required at the time of the suit order. except Payment Plans

2. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

3. Only full deposit reserve your delivery date. Partial Deposits may be accepted but do not guarantee your delivery date until received in full.

*Work on suits ONLY starts once the DEPOSIT IS RECEIVED IN FULL. (This includes sizers for Video Fitting)*



1. Acceptable methods of payment are Cash or Credit Card.

2. Balances on suits are due 2 weeks from delivery (4 weeks out from show date)


1. Any changes to your order once it is underway will require a meeting with the designer.  Some changes will not be possible, but it will depend on the design and the nature of the change request. Some changes may incur additional cost and are due at the time of change order.  To ensure there are no problems, please be sure before ordering your suit.



1. All cancellations received after a deposit is given, and before work is started on a suit will be issued an in house credit.

2. Cancellations received after a suit is cut or special materials are ordered will receive a credit minus the cut suit and/or the special ordered materials.

3. If a cancellation is requested once your templates have been shipped for your online video fitting, all monies will be forfeited and no credit will be given.

4. Cancellations on Internet orders will receive full refunds if done so with in three calendar days of original purchase. This must be requested via email correspondence on the same internet store it was purchased from.

5. Cancellations on suits that are less than 3 weeks from delivery are not allowed under any circumstances and the full balance will be due.


1. Account credits are non-transferable and must be used by the person holding the credit.

2. Credits expire 18 months from the time of issue.


1. Included in your custom suit purchase is adjustments for 12 months from delivery date. This is only for the original purchaser and does not extend to any other.

2. Adjustments include:

  • Shortening Neck Strap, Fabric Back Strap(Bikini), Fabric Down Strap(Figure)

  • In most cases, Lengthening all Straps. Some may incur an extra fee

  • Tightening of suits with connectors at the hip at Connector attachment.

  • In most cases, letting out of attachments at connector site. Some may incur an extra fee.



*Work on suits ONLY starts once the DEPOSIT IS RECIEVED IN FULL*



Deposit and Payment

1. At the time of ordering, a deposit will be required in the amount of half of the design cost plus the cost of the shoes.  For example, if the design cost is $100 and the shoe cost is $65, a deposit will be required in the amount of $50 + $65, or $115.  The remaining amount ($50 in this example) will be required upon delivery.
2. Remaining amount due is required upon delivery, if shoes are picked up.  For shoe orders that will be shipped, payment is due 10 days prior to ship date.
3. Acceptable methods of payment include PayPal, cash, or check.  PayPal payments will include a small processing fee.  Orders by check will be held for 5 days to ensure that the check clears.  This will affect final shipment date.

  Please allow 5 to 6 weeks for delivery.  If there is a backlog due to heavy order activity, the delay will be disclosed at the time of order.

Design Changes and Cancellations
1. Once work has begun, design changes will be allowed at the discretion of Kickin Crystal. 
2. For cancellations on orders on which work has not started, the deposit minus 15% will be credited towards a future purchase.
3. For cancellations on orders that have been started, the deposit will be forfeited. The cost of the shoe minus 15% will be credited towards a future purchase.

Returns or Exchanges
1. There are no returns or exchanges permitted.






1.  In order to reserve a suit the rental fee must be paid IN FULL for the suit to be marked as "rented".  If for some reason you decide not to compete after payment has been received you can apply the whole rental fee towards a rental at another time.  A $100 cancellation fee will be taken out of all cancellations not applied to another rental before a refund is issued. 


2.  A credit card is required for all rentals as insurance.   All rentals must be returned in usable undamaged condition.  I do not consider lost stones as damage.  Damage is defined as ripped, torn, soiled past the point of cleaning or excessive glue.  If and when any of these situations occur you will be notified via email and or phone, and the credit card number will be charged for the remaining balance of the suit.


3.  This rental is ONLY for the competitor who filled out the rental form and only for the show date entered on the form.  Loaning the suit to additional competitors will result in a full charge of an additional rental fee.  I do offer extensions for additional show dates but only by prior arrangement. 


4.  If you choose to cancel your rental you must give me 10 days notice from the SHIP DATE not SHOW DATE.  You have two options: 1. Refund minus the cancellation fee ($100 ) will be applied to the charged credit card or 2. Apply 100% of the rental monies to a future rental or purchase TBD.  If the cancellation is less than 10 days notice from your show date, the monies will automatically go to a future rental or purchase, the monies will not be refundable.  Once the suit has been mailed the rental is considered fulfilled.


5.  There is a $25 PER DAY late fee charged for suits returned after the due date.  (Fees will not exceed suit's full value.)  Full suit value will be charged to the credit card on file for suits that are not returned within 20 business days from the show date. 


6.  If the suit is returned dirty there will be a $50 cleaning fee.  If the suit is returned damaged, the charges vary depending upon what it takes to return the suit to the condition it was sent out in. Damaged is described as ripped, torn, heavily stained, etc.  A few missing stones is NOT considered damage.



1.  Acceptable methods of payment are Pay-Pal, Cash, or check.  All transactions tendered with a check will be held for 5 business days to cover check processing.  Please keep this in mind for final payments as it can affect the shipping date. All Pay-pal payments are subject to a processing fee, pay-pal allows you to use a credit card.



1.  All credits are non transferable.  They must be used by the person holding the credit. 



1.  Everyone has the right to buy their suit post show.  However all rentals are first come first serve so if a rental is in place I am obligated to fulfill that rental before I am able to send you the suit.   In all instances payment of the balance is still due on or before the return to allow the rental credits to be applied.   Rentals fees can not be transferred to another suit for purchase.  I will do everything I can to meet your needs.


2.  If you would like to purchase the suit the rental fee can be applied 100% to the purchase price. To receive the rental fee as a discount on the purchase price, the suit must be purchased in full by the rental pieriod due date (extensions are not applicable). 


3.  Purchase of the suit is subject to suit's availability based on existing reservations.


4.  Purchases of rental are in "As Is" condition. 

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