Kickin Basics 

Custom Posing Suits Start at 325$ and includes:

- Consult, First Fitting (6-8 weeks out), Final Fitting(2-3 weeks out), and 12 months of adjustments.

  • This is includes Video fitting with our sizers.

- All Top Cuts, Classic Triangle, Paula Rounded Triangle, Camala Triangle, Formed Cup Top, and Wendy Formed Cup.

- All Bootom Cuts: Full Coverage, Moderate, Pro, Camala Pro V-cut Figure Bottom.

- Your choice of ss29 Single Row or ss18 Single Row Connectors at the neck in Crystal and Silver.

- Your choice of a ss29 Single Row, ss14.5 3-Row, Or ss29 3x3 Connector in Crystal and Silver.

- Neck Straps & Down Straps in matching fabric with loop and hook attachments

- Includes in all Stock fabrics

The Cut

-There are several different cuts to pick from that will best suit your suit and body. At your first fitting you will put on templates to look at the overall balance of your body.

Custom Posing Suit

  • Fabric: Mystic Blue Green Foil

    Top Cut: Paula Rounded Triangle

    Bottom Cut: Pro Figure V-cut Bottom

    Connectors: Shown without connectors