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  • Connector changes

  • Adding additional stones

  • Alterations

  • Sparkles! I need more Sparkles!!!


Schedule a consult to sit down and discuss your hopes, dreams, and your needs. We in turn will show you what we can to make you sparkle just a little or a lot more!



This is done on a case by case bases as the complexity of stone design, the amount of stones used, and any other changes are taken into account.



  • Straps too long?

  • Not enough scrunch?


There are several different things that can be done to make you suit fit better. Set up a consult and lets see what we can do!



Altertaions are done on a per hour rate of $45.00


Put pre-loved suits to good use


  • We display your suit in the studio to allow it to be seen by all.

  • We agree on a price, taking into consideration condition, Stone work, Connectors, and color(some colors sell easier than others).

  • When sold, 90% of the sale will go to your next suit!


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