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Suit Care Guidelines


No no's:

  • Do not soak your suit! Soaking promotes running and fading of the dye in your suit.

  • Do not dry clean your suit! The chemicals are too harsh for the fabric and glue.


Washing and care

  • I strongly discourage practicing posing in your suits. 

  • The stones are delicate and many of the fabrics, specifically holograms, will begin to show signs of wear much faster than a store bought bikini. 

  • Suits cost hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars…protect your investment by posing in a cheap store bought bikini.


During your show:

  • Use double sided tape instead of spray glues and adhesives. Double sided tape comes off easily and doesn't ruin fabric or leave residue.


After your show:

  1. Wash ASAP and don't let the Tan set/dry any longer than you possibly can.

  2. Hand wash in cold water. Repeatedly rinse until water runs clear. Use a mild detergent like Dreft or Woolite  and hand wash in shallow water and drain until water runs clear

  3. To remove glue and bikini bite, lightly brush "inside" of suit with a toothbrush. Do not scrub or use brushes on the outside of the suit especially on hologram fabrics. Hologram fabrics will turn silver if exposed to oil or harsh washin or scrubbing.

  4. Hang to dry over a towel as excess tan and coloring may drip onto floor.


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